Benefits to Learners

Optimizing Patient Outcomes Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Institute for Simulation Learning provides premier interdisciplinary education and functions as a system-wide think tank that allows the healthcare team to replicate challenging medical, as well as non-medical, situations with the goal of optimizing real-world outcomes. Advanced technology and authentic scenarios are designed to refine skills and to foster team collaboration and communication. Our professional simulation staff incorporates evidence-based principles and practices to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Simulation Learning - Benefits to the Learner:
  • Promotes quality and safety by minimizing risk and medical error
  • Enables preparation for unanticipated medical events and rarely-occurring or emergent situations
  • Offers a wide range of intense scenarios that can be repeated as needed
  • Adjusts the complexity of the learning experience to any level of expertise
  • Enhances cognitive and psychomotor skills
  • Increases confidence and decision-making ability
  • Enables learners to reflect on and evaluate their clinical and interpersonal skills with the assistance of audiovisual recording and playback
  • Develops teamwork and communication skills by furthering transparency among coworkers
  • Exposes breakdowns in the continuity of care as clients transition across service areas
  • Maximizes the responsible use of healthcare resources (pharmaceutical, diagnostic, professional, financial)